VMEDAQ Installation


Setup Software Repositories

Install Software Packages

Install vmedaq package:

yum install vmedaq

RPM packages are provided by APEL repository.

Reboot the system. M-Link kernel module pexml is loaded automatically by udev.

Power-off, install the M-Link network card. Turn on, wait until system is up. Power on the VME chassis. Check optical link status, green led should lit on both sides.

Test VMEDAQ Basic Operation

Run the data acquisition control program in terminal:

[user@localhost ~]$ vmedaq

It should print the insformation about the VME modules found and wait silently for commands send by vmegui.

Graphical Interface

Do not login as root. It is not necessary. Use regular user account.

Run vmegui. It should show the VMEDAQ Control Panel, button Reset will be highlighted green.

Please proceed to VMEDAQ Operators Manual for further information.

Source Code

Currently tar.gz archives are not provided directly, please get rpm tool and download SRPMS packages from APEL repository


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